My test was a strange experience, but I took the route test and sailed through with flying colours, unlike another poor sod I know! Jeff, like me, had arrived at the test centre, was given his route, and was told that the examiner would be watching him carefully. Sometime, too, during the test, he must be prepared for the examiner to appear on the pavement, and then Jeff would have to perform an emergency stop. So, he rode his bike very carefully, giving all the right signals, observing the speed limit, while keeping a wary eye out for the examiner, with his watch and clipboard. Anyway, the examiner made a big mistake! He let Jeff drive the route as directed, but instead of standing on the pavement in full view, chose, for an extra surprise, to hide in a shop doorway. When he heard the bike approach, he intended to leap out in front of it, to test Jeff's speed of reaction, and this he did. The problem was, it wasn't Jeff driving the bike, it was a total stranger, who, not knowing what to expect when our keen examiner jumped out in front of him, ran him over, breaking his leg. Luckily, there was an ambulance passing, which took both men to hospital. Our Jeff, in the meantime, was still driving around, giving all the correct signals and waiting for the examiner to appear, and only when he ran out of petrol did he return to the test centre, where he arranged to take the test at a later date!

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