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An image of the Knights Arms book

Knights To Remember, By Ken Evans

For ten years during the 70's, Ken and Pat Evans ran the famous Knights Arms pub, in the seaside town of Porthcawl. The 'Knights' was unique and the first of its kind - gone went the old ale house and in came a 70's fun pub; live music, live sport and the best juke box around! To describe the decor' as "with it" was an understatement!!!!

Ken would often tell the endless stories of his time at the Knights and be told; "you should write a book" well he did "Knights to Remember" Many of the stories are too outrageous to be true, but they did really happen.

Some contain strong language and violent behaviour. There are stories too, which some people might consider as showing a disrespectful attitude towards the police and people of authority. But read in context, they provide a wonderful background to those exciting days where, "we all went to the Knights Arms and lived happy ever after!" To purchase a book @ 10 plus P&P please follow the link.

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